5 Beautiful Bridal Hair Accessory and Veil Ideas

Wedding is an important day for anyone’s life. That is a reason for most of us to plan the wedding in a grand way. When it comes to plan a wedding, we can’t forget the important items from wedding gown to accessories to wedding venue. Wedding accessories are important same as other things to the wedding. Among the bridal accessories, one of the important items is wedding veils or hair accessories.

There are so many types of wedding veils and hair accessories with different styles, so you only need to choose a matching item when you buy your wedding dress. However, it is better to have some idea on the types of wedding veils and hair accessories before you buy. So that you can buy a matching item which makes you more beautiful on your wedding day.

Below are some of the ideas for your hair accessories which you can wear with your bridal gown.I found these ideas from Laced Up With String which they share some classic hair accessories which feature vintage wedding styles.Have a look,you will find some elegant designs.

# 1. Juliet Cap Veil

This is a 1920s style and still it is popular among the brides to be. If you like to wear vintage wedding accessories, then you can easily match this Juliet cap veil with other bridal accessories. A lace design will make this veil look more elegant.

# 2. Birdcage Veil

This is another vintage veil style which reminds 1940’s style. This is a perfect style for a bride who wants to have a complete original style. It is a simple hair accessory, but it will make you look stunning on your wedding day!

# 3. Mantilla Veil

With a Mantilla Veil you will look feminine. This classic style will make you look innocent and pretty on your wedding day. Do you like to look pretty and girlish among the guests? If so, this is the right veil for you. A handmade veil with a lace design will make you look elegant!

# 4. Art Deco Wedding Headpiece

If you don’t like to wear a traditional looking veil and need to have a unique style, this Lovely Art Deco inspired headpiece is a suggestion for you. Even this is perfect for bridesmaids.

# 5. Crystal Wedding Headpiece

Crystal Wedding Headpiece
This is another style for those who don’t like a wedding veil. A crystal wedding headpiece decorated with rhinestones will make you look pretty and simple on your wedding day.You can easily find a beautiful handmade hair accessory matching with your wedding gown.

Above are some of the design ideas I found beautiful.If you wonder where to buy these items,the best decision is try to buy some handmade unique designs.These vintage wedding accessories will make you look beautiful with a unique design on your wedding day!

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