6 Essential things to consider when planning a theme wedding

Every girl dreams for a beautiful wedding. If you are looking for having your wedding and looking for some inspiration, don’t forget you need to pay attention to your bridal accessories like ceromony and reception too. Accessories pay an important role same as the wedding gown.
Here I gathered the 5 Essential things to consider when planning a theme wedding.


Theme is the first of five tips for bridal accessories. If you plan a theme wedding, then you will want to plan everything down to the honeymoon. Although it require some time and research to Plan a theme wedding, definitely it will make your day beautiful. But If you pick a theme that is hard to shop for, you will have a hard time finding bridal accessories.
Therefore select your theme wisely with proper search. Browse for details before you define the theme.

2. The dress, shoes, headpiece and flowers.
After defining the theme, next is to select or decide about your dress, shoes, headpiece and flowers. buy a dress and shoes that will fit the theme of the wedding. Then plan shoes and headpieces to fit the theme. After all, Your flowers also should relate to the theme of your wedding.
3. Ceromany
Now this is the 3rd tip towards your organizing of themed wedding. The third important fact for bridal accessories is the ceremony itself. Nowadays, Many brides have themed wedding to move away from traditional ceremonies. Most of the time they have a different type of service. Let’s say, if you have a beach theme, then you are not going to want the ceremony to be a traditional service. Your guests will appreciate your creativity more if you keep the ceremony in tune with the theme.

4. Reception
Now you want to keep in mind the reception. Since your wedding is represented by a theme, it is important to keep the reception close to the theme as possible. Your theme can be a country theme or a fairy tale theme, however either way, you want to have table décor, decorations and wedding favors that match your theme wedding. That is an important fact to organize a beautiful wedding.
5. Honeymoon
Here is the last tip for bridal accessories! It is the honeymoon. Although you will be spending it somewhere other than the reception hall, you might still want to carry out the theme. If there is a theme for the honeymoon too, then it would be a complete themed wedding and your guests will remember this wedding forever.
Whether you have a hotel room or your own home, simply you can add some decorations to the room to carry the theme into the next day.


Once you decided your theme,the next thing to consider is how to keep the memories of organizing this wedding forever.One of the easiest way is to keep a diary.Although you can write the special things at the end of the day,you may forget it when you are almost near to the wedding day.

Another way is to write and share all memories,special moments and details in a website or a blog.You can simply share some photos easily.However,it is nice if you design a blog as per your wedding theme.The interesting thing is that your friends and other family members can have an update of your work easily.They also can share their thought and ideas using comments.You can select a blog design to match with your wedding theme.Sure,you’ll have a fun time.

You can select a matching theme with eWedding and create a wedding website free.

Keep these  tips in mind if you plan your dream wedding. These should help you to plan a great themed wedding .I am sure these tips will assure you to organize a themed wedding easily.

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