Why should you book a photo booth for your wedding

Wedding happens once in a life time. It is your biggest day of your life and you invite all your family and friends to celebrate your big day with you and there’s no better way to reward your weddings guests with a photo booth to enjoy through out the night.

Why should you book a photo booth for your wedding

A photo booth adds a lot more fun to your wedding celebration where all guests from all ages, from small kids to grandma and grandpa can use it and have a blast.

Photo booth Ottawa provides a big variety of fun props for everyone to use and on top of that each guests gets an instant print with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date as a perfect keepsake from the wedding. This can also save you a lot of money on party favours as the print provides both a fun picture as well as a nice souvenir at the same time so you no longer have to spend more money on party favours. And the best part is that the wedding favours are guaranteed to be liked by the guests as they are customized with their own pictures.

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