Buying the right wedding dress for your wedding

Your wedding day is without a doubt the most exciting day of your life, it’s a huge event in anyone’s life, it’s the day you get to celebrate with friends and family as they witness the union of a couple. All brides feel nervous on their wedding day – they have had so much to do in the weeks and months leading up to the big day, choosing the wedding theme, the venue the wedding dress, planning the ceremony, organising flowers and so much more. Choosing your bridal gown without a doubt is the most stressful and most important part of the whole event.

Buying the right wedding dress for your wedding

There are quite a few things a bride to be should know and remember when it comes to choosing the right wedding gown

  • Your body shape – the most important aspect when it comes to buying a wedding dress is knowing your body shape, it is the most important part of choosing the right dress for you. There are so many different body shapes and you have to find the right bridal gown for you. Pear shaped women in particular need to be careful when choosing a wedding gown, the dress may look stunning in a magazine but it may not look great on your body. Choose a wedding dress that hides all the flaws in your figure, while showing off the best aspects of your body.

A-Line or column style dresses look great on the pear shaped woman while if you have an hourglass figure you can pretty much choose any bridal gown style you like as most will show off your  shape and beauty – a mermaid style dress will suit your shape perfectly. Remember that no matter the body shape you have as long as you pay attention to your shape you can still have a wedding dress that makes a statement.

Buying the right wedding dress for your wedding

  • Budget – you always need to consider your budget, while your wedding IS your big day you also don’t want to spend too much over your budget. A wedding gown is actually a big part of your overall budget. Make a list of everything you want for your wedding this will help you stay within budget as you’ll know you still need to buy this or that. Making a list keeps you *on track* and reminds you what still has to be paid for, this can help you stick to your dress budget, and will help you actually save money – rather than going overboard and spending more than you need to.
  • Colour – you will need to decide on a wedding theme colour – once you have done this you can then choose the wedding dress, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, and even the colour of the dress for the mother of the bride. You don’t want a *mess* of colours on your big day! You want to *balance* all the colours of your wedding day, while the traditional wedding dress colour is white – which represents innocence and purity it also stands for a new beginning. There are still a range of choices when it comes to wedding dresses and some people like to make their day a little different by stepping away from traditional white. No matter what colour you chose, make sure it all balances perfectly.
  • Choose a gown that makes you look and feel fabulous. The most beautiful wedding gown in the store might look great but if it doesn’t fit your body and make you look fabulous don’t buy it!

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