Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Weddings are always a great event to show the culture of any tradition. And it is same with Chinese Culture too. We cannot talk about tea without talking about China. It is same for a Chinese Wedding too. Chinese culture is always tied with their Chinese tea and a tea ceremony is an important event in any Chinese wedding.

Throughout the ages, Chinese tea culture has changed and evolved. This has happened in many ways with the numerous regional and cultural influences. However, the most popular Chinese Tea wedding ceremony still exists and takes place in most of the weddings.Recently I came up with an interesting article about Chinese Tea wedding ceremony at Teasenz.com and I thought it is great to share some details about this ceremony in this blog too.You can also refer their guide for a more complete information.


When is the time for a Chinese tea wedding ceremony?

Usually, The Chinese wedding tea ceremony is arranged to show respect to their parents and relatives. For the ceremony, the parents and the immediate relatives of the bride and the groom will gather. Then the bride will serve tea for them including her in-laws to show her respect towards them.

Type of teas used for the ceremony

For a Chinese tea wedding ceremony, usually they use tea types ranging from oolong tea to jasmine tea.
This tea ceremony usually takes place on the wedding day just after exchanging of the vows. After tea serving, usually the guests will bless the newly wedded couple and they will also give red packets for them. These red packets are a way of giving gifts and usually contain money as a way of wish the couple a beautiful and blessed life together.

Importance of the Tea in a Chinese wedding ceremony

During the Chinese wedding tea ceremony, there are few things to add to the tea. They add lotus seeds and two red dates in to the tea. There is a meaning for adding these seeds to the tea, one of the reasons is that they believe by placing lotus seeds and two red dates in the tea would help the newlyweds to give birth to a child very early after their marriage. Also, the sweetness of the special tea which is served in a Chinese wedding ceremony is a symbol for sweet and strong relationship between the bride and her new family.

Serving of the Tea

Usually bride serves the tea. She serves tea by holding the tea cup with both hands. Usually she serves to her parents first and it is at her home before the groom arrives. This is a way of thanking and respecting her parent for raising her. However, the tea served at this time does not contain the lotus seeds or dates.


Another interesting thing is that the newly wedded couple serves tea in an order. This will start by serving tea to the groom’s parents and then will continue to serve from the eldest members of the family to the youngest.

Finally, it is interesting to learn about other traditions and culture. So, I hope these details are interesting for you to learn about Chinese wedding traditions. If you are interested in Chinese tea, it is really easy to buy Chinese tea online. You can also check Teasenz.com for different varieties of Chinese Teas for an affordable price.

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