Customize Your Wedding Stationery With Basic Invite

There’s nothing better than infusing your unique style into your wedding. No one else has your particular tastes. Your entire wedding experience is going to be completely one of a kind — from the engagement party to the rehearsal dinner to the big day itself! Did you know that you can customize your wedding stationery so that it expresses your special style?

Whether you’re planning a vintage beachy affair or one that’s dripping in sophistication and elegance, Basic Invite has you covered. This online stationery store has a vast selection of invites for all of your wedding events, and each design can be customized to convey your theme.

Custom Colors

Customize Your Wedding Stationary With Basic Invite

One of the coolest things about Basic Invite is that they offer over 180 beautiful colors to choose from when you’re creating your invitation. This is great, because it means that your wedding event invitations can be aligned with the color palette for your wedding. Even the envelopes come in a variety of 40 colors.

Once you find an invitation design that you love, you can immediately start playing with color choices. Instantly preview the invitation to see how the colors look. If you want to, you can even request a printed preview, so that you’re sure you love the finished invite before you place your order.

Use Your Words

Customize Your Wedding Stationary With Basic Invite

Did any adult in your life used to tell you “use your words” when you were a kid? Apply that advice when you customize your invitations. The wording that you use will set the tone for your event.

For example, are you “requesting the pleasure” of your guest, or asking that they “come on down” to your rehearsal dinner? The words you use on your rehearsal dinner invitations, as well as invites to other events will convey whether the gathering is formal, playful, or relaxed.

Personalize It With A Photo

Customize Your Wedding Stationary With Basic Invite

The most unique thing about your wedding is you and your partner. There is no couple in the world quite like you guys. Share your love story with your guests by including photographs in your event invites — especially the engagement party invitation that will get the ball rolling!

Every event leading up to your wedding, and the celebration itself, is all about you and your partner. Your tastes, preferences, style, and vision can be infused into every part of the experience. The invitations that you use for all of your wedding events can be customized to fit your desires. Basic Invite offers designs for every wedding theme and tone, and each design can be refined to create the stationery that is a perfect fit for you.


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