DIY Wedding Invitations – 3 Unique Ideas

Planning a wedding is really exciting. When you personally involve in most of wedding planning that can be more interesting as you can include your own ideas as it is. This is where most brides to be like to try   DIY projects. However it is also important to understand that you cannot do everything DIY. From wedding decorations to wedding invitations, there are many items to plan for a memorable wedding. If you think of having DIY wedding invitations for your wedding then it can be great when you know the right thing to do. Here are some great ideas to help you creating DIY wedding invitations for your own wedding. With these wedding invitation ideas, I am sure you will make your guests excited! And of course, you will get excited too.

Online wedding invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations

Online wedding invitations will save both time and money. And it is a unique idea to spread the first words about your wedding. With facilities online, you can easily change colours, add more details and even photos while planning your wedding. Nowadays everyone has social media accounts and it is easy to network online. You don’t have to wait for buying stamps and posting your wedding invitations when it is easy to publish online. If you like to DIY your own unique wedding invitations then I am sure you love the idea of online wedding invitations. And don’t forget that you will save environment too by not having printed wedding invitations.

Be crafty

wedding invitations online
Unique Wedding Invitations from Ms. Sunny Cards and Crafts Collection

Do you want to be crafty with your wedding invitations? Then it is great to think of DIYing your wedding invitations. Think of natural materials you can find that can include in a beautiful art piece. Paste it on cards in order to create beautiful and unique wedding invitations. Use beautiful ribbons and other such materials that goes with your wedding theme and colour to make your wedding invitations more attractive. Don’t forget that wedding invitation is the first piece of information about your wedding. Therefore include some hints of the wedding theme to the invitation.

Use stamps and fancy envelopes

Wedding Invitations

If you don’t want to be crafty, then here is another great idea. Use stamps to decorate printed cards. You can even use a stamp to indicate the address. Don’t forget to choose beautiful envelopes to keep your wedding invitation. Type of font and size of font are also important to catch the eyes of your guests.

Above are some of the unique wedding invitation ideas that you can use for your wedding. It is easy and common to find printed wedding invitation ideas. However by having online wedding invitation on your wedding website, you can create something unique that your guests will admire!

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