How to add Related Posts Widget to your Blog

Today I thought of sharing a post which is helpful for bloggers. Have you installed any related post widget for your blog? I installed it and thought of sharing the way I did it as it is helpful for others who are looking for an easy way to install related content widget.

If you are in doubt thinking of the benefits of showing related posts, here are few of benefits.

Say, a visitor comes to your blog after searching from search engines. After he read the post, most probably he will leave the page. However if you show some of related content from your archived content, it is something like an invitation for him to read few more blog posts. There is a certain probability that most readers will click on these posts.

Other than above mentioned benefit, below are some of the benefits which you get if you show related content in your blog.

  • Related posts increase page views and thus reduce the bounce rate.
  • It helps to show archived posts, as a result your blog engagement will increases.
  • It can convert some search traffic into regular visitors or followers

How to add Related Posts Widget to your blog

How to show related posts in any blog?

The easiest way to show related posts is by installing a relevant widget to your blog.There are easy to install widgets to show related posts for blogger. Instead of text only recommendation, I prefer to show related posts with thumbnail and I found it is easy to install this with limk.com.

How to install related content widget for blogger?

Installing this widget takes less than 3 minutes and you’ll be able to do it easily in few steps.

Here is how to do.

1.If you use blogger blog, then please read this tutorial on how to install related content widget for blogger blog.

2. If you use wordpress platform, then here are the steps.

First, you need to visit https://limk.com/ and create an account.

Signup and create an account.

Then you’ll see a window where you can enter your blog url. Enter your blog url there. Then it automatically gets the blog name and other data required.



Click ‘Next’ to go to the next step.

In this step, you need to select your blog platform.For this blog,it is wordpress.  So, I selected ‘wordpress’.

Related-content-widget-for-bloggers-4After this step,you need to install the wordpress plugin to your blog.

First you  need to download the plugin.The link is given below the above shown screen.

Then go to your WordPress admin panel. Click on Plugin and then  ‘Add New’.

Then click on  ‘Upload Tab’.


After install the plugin,you need to ‘activate’ it.


After activating the plugin, click “Related Content” on your WordPress menu on the left.

The next steps are very easy.Simply follow the instructions given on the screen to place the widgets on your site.

After installing,check your blog.You’ll see the related posts with thumbnails.

Related-content-widget-for-bloggers-7Try this widget if you haven’t installed it yet.It is really easy to install.Other than that,it doesn’t go to another site before showing my post. Due to that reason,I prefer this widget because that doesn’t pass link juice to another site.

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