Impossible To Ignore: 3 Stand Out Engagement Rings

How are you going to share your engagement news? Don’t worry about the words you are going to say — the ring on your finger is going to do the talking for you! Just by wearing it, everyone in your world will discover your big news. Here are six rings that will stand out and make people stop in their tracks and smile with excitement. Sapphire rings have been rising in popularity for the past decade, and colorful diamonds will always be an extra-ordinary twist on the traditional diamond. What about cocktail rings? Here’s the scoop.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Stand Out Engagement Rings

From deep royal blue to stunning shades of pink, sapphires come in many colors. Sapphires have been worn as engagement rings for thousands of years. Some sapphire engagement rings include diamond accents, while others stay simple and elegant with one sapphire stone.

Colorful Diamonds

Stand Out Engagement Rings

It is rare to see a colored diamond engagement ring. People will want to hold your hand and lift it up — peering into the stone with wonder, as if it’s a piece in a museum that they want to examine. Let them! It’s your time to shine.

Cocktail Rings

Stand Out Engagement Rings

Cocktail rings rose up in popularity in the ‘20s during the era of prohibition, wild parties, and the nouveau riche. Women continued to wear this style of ring through the ‘40s and ‘50s on special occasions. Today, vintage cocktail rings can serve as engagement rings for those who want to deviate from the norm. It is definitely unusual!

When you wear an engagement ring, you get to glance down at it through the day and feel all of the happiness and excitement that goes along with your good news. An added perk is that you bring joy to people around you. When your social circles — or even strangers on the street — spot your ring, they’ll want to hear your romantic story. This is especially true when your ring pops with color and unique qualities. Do you love the idea of wearing a stand-out ring? Leave a comment below!



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