Muslim Wedding Traditions

Usually Muslim wedding ceremonies are grand and fabulous in many ways including the traditions and the way of celebrations. A Muslim Wedding is known as Nikaah is usually taken place at any convenient time set by both parties. Here are few traditions of a Muslim Wedding and hope you like to read it and get an idea.Before writing this post I did few research and my findings are interesting.Although Muslim wedding traditions are guided by Islamic  practices as stated in the Quran,these traditions can be changed according to the country or region.Below are some of the Muslim Wedding traditions and are basically from Indian weddings.

Finding a partner

Traditionally, it was that parents arranged partners for the wedding.That is, they find a suitable girl to marry their son or suitable son to marry their daughter. Nowadays this tradition is bit changed.Instead there are marriage websites and networks to find and meet up other Muslim singles in their area.Instead of marriage websites,there are events organized for single Muslims to facilitate meeting others.For example,Nur Networks arrange Muslim Marriage Events in the UK.

The Mangni

Mangni is the engagement ceremony for the wedding. Usually, in Mangni, the couple to be exchanges the rings. Also during this ceremony, the Groom’s family gives the wedding outfit for the Bride.

The Manjha Ceremony

This is the next celebration after the Mangni. Usually the bride to be is seated on a small square table. Then turmeric (haldi) is applied on her. These haldi (turmeric) is usually provided by the groom’s family.
After this ceremony, a married friend will accompany the bride at all times.

The Mehndi ceremony


This is another beautiful ceremony in a Muslim wedding. Usually The Mehndi ceremony is held at the bride’s home few days before the wedding. Even this date can be the eve of the wedding.

Ladies of the family including friends, relatives gather together and apply turmeric paste to the bride. This is with the purpose of bringing out the glow in bride’s complexion. Also, another lady will reapplies mehndi on bride’s hands and feet.

During this time other ladies celebrate the event by singing and dancing and give some festive touch for the celebration.

The Arrival of the Groom and Guests


Now this is the grand start for the wedding ceremony. On the wedding day, groom will come in a procession of friends and relatives to the wedding venue.
Groom will come in a procession with the sound of drums and musical instruments. This procession will announce the arrival of the groom.

The Wedding Ceremony

Muslim wedding ceremonies are grand and there are particular traditions and customs to be followed.
Traditionally, the men and women are seated in separate rooms or separated area. Especially this is a tradition for South Asian Muslim weddings.

Below are some of the traditions and things happening in a Muslim wedding ceremony.

  • Reading a selected piece from the Koran (the holy book of the Muslims)
  • Registering of the marriage
  • After their first meal, the bride and the groom will sit together
  • Dried dates and a sweet dish will be served to the guests.
  • On the next day, groom’s relatives come to accompany the newly wedded couple to their home.

Wedding ceremony will end with the blessings of elders of the family including friends and relatives. However after the main wedding ceremony, still there are some traditions and ceremonies to follow.

The Rukhsat Ceremony

This is the farewell ceremony for the bride from her family. The father of the bride will give her hand to her husband asking him to protect his daughter.

While reading I found that Muslim Weddings are with lot of celebrations and festivals. It is a time for family and relatives to get together and enjoy their time while praying for the newly wedded couple a happy future.

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