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Planning a wedding is always exciting. It is full of cheerful things, bit of pressure and lots of happy faces. So, before everything make sure to prepare your wedding checklist. Then you will not have much pressure on planning your wedding!

Bridesmaid dresses are really important for your wedding planning same as your bridal gown. If you don’t pay much attention for the bridesmaids, and if they look dull, then definitely you will look dull too even if you wear the most beautiful gorgeous wedding dress. Happy and cheerful bridesmaids can make you look stunning on your wedding day. So, give more attention and plan your bridesmaid dresses carefully.


Why Custom-made Bridesmaid dresses?

If you want to have beautiful bridesmaid dresses for your bridesmaids, custom-made dresses are the best option. Even if your bridesmaids are of different size groups, you can easily order dresses which fit with them exactly. With a custom-made bridesmaid dress, you do not need alterations. If the dress fits perfect, your bridesmaids’ will look cheerful on your wedding day. That is why you need to go for custom made bridesmaid dresses!

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Order Custom-made bridesmaid dresses from BridesmaidDress99.com

BridesmaidDress99.com is the new site of DressTailor.com who is an established tailor shop from 2005.The unique thing of BridesmaidDress99.com is that you will find custom-made bridesmaid dresses starting from $99.There are beautiful collection of stunning designs and materials for you to choose from and all you have to do is simply order your bridesmaid dresses online and let your bridesmaids to submit the measurements. You will receive the dresses within 10-30 business days and do you know they only charge shipping fee only for the first dress order. Other dresses will be shipped free!

You can also order free swatches before making your order. This will be helpful for you to understand the quality and appearance of the material before ordering.

For more information visit BridesmaidDress99.com and see their stunning design collection of bridesmaid dresses. You’ll love all!

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