Tips for those who are Planning to Create a Civil Marriage

A civil marriage is simply one where the marriage ceremony has a government or civil official ( such as civil marriage officiant or notary) performing the ceremony. It takes place without any religious affiliation and meets the legal requirements of the state or location of the wedding.

Do not think that civil marriage ( “mariage civil” for French speakers)is the creation of a family. Civil marriage in the form in which it is distributed at the present time, is only a conventure.

It should immediately be discussed that these civil relations will not be an empty experiment, and that you do not allow the thought that at any moment someone from the pair can go back on track.

Planning to Create a Civil Marriage

The final of the co-residence that has just begun is that there must be only a formal marriage concluded in the registry office.

  • It is necessary to create a civil marriage only with such a person who is responsible for his words, always clearly knows what he wants, does not try to change the rules of the game during the game itself, does not panic because of the temporary deterioration of life circumstances or personal relationships.
  • It is important to determine in advance the life span of your marriage. Turning to living together, it is best to try to meet the deadline of up to one year. Otherwise, you are at great risk of becoming another victim of the diagnosis of “being confronted” already within the framework of civil relations.

It is necessary to fully maintain those terms of existence of civil marriage, of which you agreed initially. You can extend them only with the consent of both partners at the same time, otherwise there will always be resentment.

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