Tips on Choosing Best Fonts for Wedding Invitations

It is not a secret that wedding invitation is the first glimpse about your wedding which your guests receive. They will get some idea on your wedding just by looking at your wedding invitation. Even if you plan a grand wedding, but didn’t pay much attention to select your wedding invitation thinking it is nothing to worry too much, you are doing a mistake!

Tips on Choosing Best Fonts for Wedding Invitations

With your wedding invitation, your guests will have some image about your wedding and your personality. They will imagine how grand your wedding will be by just looking at your wedding invitation. It is natural. So, why don’t you pay more attention when you select your wedding invitation? But, I know most of brides to be select wedding invitation by just looking at its design. How about the fonts inside? Just think of a wedding invitation with Vintage style and inside you use some modern fonts. Simply, these both don’t go together, right?

That is why you need to pay more attention to select the best fonts for your wedding invitations.

How to choose the best fonts for a wedding invitation

Now you know the importance of selecting the fonts for your wedding invitation. But, how to choose the best fonts for a wedding invitation? Here are some tips to consider before you select the best fonts for your wedding invitation.

Here are few tips to narrow down few favorite fonts from a large collection.


  • First select your favorite fonts into a list. Now it is time to narrow down the fonts list. One of the best ways is to try writing your name in capital letters using the given font. If you love how it appear, may be it can be a good choice. Keep it in the list. If you don’t like the way your name appear, simply remove it from your list. In this way, you can easily narrow down your fonts list.
  • If you want to use few different fonts in your wedding invitation, you need to do it with much care. First, don’t select so many fonts in your invitation. Then select 2-3 fonts that are easily readable and give a clean look to your wedding invitation. A typeface will be helpful for you to narrow down the list of fonts.
  • You also need to consider your wedding theme. As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, if you select modern fonts for a vintage style wedding invitation, that is the start of disaster! So, simply decide the fonts which go well with your wedding invitation design and also the wedding theme.

I also found some great tips on how to select the best fonts for a wedding invitation in this post http://all-fonts.com/about-fonts/download-best-fonts-for-wedding-invitations/

Tips on Choosing Best Fonts for Wedding Invitations

What are the best fonts for wedding invitations?

Personally I use Arial fonts when I write any letter or even for most of the blog posts. However, that is my personal preference for everyday writing. Interestingly there is a font which is more close to Arial fonts and some of other Arial similar fonts. That is Helvetica ™. I simply like this Helvetica fonts because it looks clean and simple. Simply check http://all-fonts.com/about-fonts/download-helvetica-font/ to see how it looks when you write with Helvetica fonts and in that post there is a comparison image of text written with Helvetica fonts and other different fonts. That will help you to select a unique font for your wedding invitation and to download it.

Finally, it is your wedding and it will show your personality. So, plan it wisely and don’t ignore the power of wedding invitation regarding the first impression it gives to your gusts.

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