Best Tips for a Perfect Wedding Website

Planning a wedding is so much exciting. Other than the essentials for a wedding such as wedding dress, venue, wedding ring etc, wedding website also plays a major role for your wedding. With today’s digital world, a wedding website is the perfect way to share most of the wedding details with your guests. You can easily connect with your guests through the wedding website.

So, here we gathered some tips for a perfect wedding website which creates a perfect platform for you to connect with your guests. Here are our tips.

Include details as much as possible

Best Tips for a Perfect Wedding Website

Your guests like to know more details about your wedding. Include more details than the usual information such as date, venue etc. Other than the date and the time of the wedding, include more details which are helpful for your guests to prepare for your wedding. Among this information, you can include the directions to the wedding venue, dress code, wedding theme, kind of shoes to wear and any other details that you think are helpful for your guests.

Share your story

Well, your family members and close friends will already know about your love story. But, your colleagues or some other guests who doesn’t know more about you both would like to know your love story.

Share your love story in your wedding website. That will make your guests to feel more close to you both.

Make it multilingual

A multilingual or bilingual wedding website is helpful if you have guests from different culture and ethnic groups. Even if you marry a foreigner or even if you are not a native English speaker, a bilingual or multilingual wedding website is helpful to keep contacts with all your guests who attend your wedding day.

multilingual wedding website

With Twowed you can easily create a multilingual wedding website with your preferred languages. Twowed offer over 30 languages to set up your bilingual wedding website with simple and beautiful wedding website templates. You can also easily send online invitations to your entire wedding guest list when you use Twowed for your wedding website.

Allow guests RSVP online

Take advantage of the RSVP tool of your wedding website. Online RSVP is the best way to track the guest list. And it is really easy and comfortable way for your guests to send RSVP online.

Hope above tips are helpful for you to create a wedding website with lot of information and memories.

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