Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses Colour


When you plan your wedding it is important to pay attention to your bridesmaid same as you pay attention to your wedding gown and other bridal accessories. Usually any well planned wedding has its own colour theme. This colour theme can be well presented through your bridesmaid dresses and then it will be beautiful when everywhere if there is a colour theme including bridesmaids.

Essential Tips for Choosing Your Bridesmaid Dresses Colour

Consider Skin type

Here are a few tips that you can consider when deciding on bridesmaids dresses where in return you will have pretty bridesmaids dresses in beautiful gowns. First you need to take into consideration the skin colour/tone of your bridesmaids. If all maids are similar then it is easier to select a colour. If not, you can go for different shades of same colour for all the bridesmaids.

Get ideas of Bridesmaids

Ideas of bridesmaids are useful for deciding on a colour theme. Usually they know what colour goes very well on them. Also you can check an online wedding store for large range of colour themes and styles.


If you consider red bridesmaid dresses, then there are lots of shades of red including maroon, dark red and even pink shades. So, the best way is to check these shades of different colours and designs through a wedding shop online and select a preferred colour.Redbd.co.uk is such an online wedding shop where you can find a range of different shades for red bridesmaid dresses. If you look for bridesmaid dresses UK,then it is a perfect place to have a look into stylish dresses.Ask your bridesmaids too to have a look and select a shade that goes well with their skin.Once you decide on a beautiful colour,it is really easy to buy a bridesmaid dress.

Time and season of the wedding

Another important factor which decides the colour of bridesmaid dress is the time of the wedding including the season. For example, bright and bold colours go well for a winter wedding. At the same time bright yellow suits for a summer wedding.


Also different colour schemes match with different time of the day. If the wedding is held during afternoon selecting a lighter colour is fine and if it is at night, you can go with a darker colour.

Above are some basic ideas to select the colour of bridesmaid dresses. If you are unable to decide the colour, then check with your wedding store. With experience, they know how to match a suitable dress for your bridesmaid. So, don’t forget to get their help too.

Also check these yellow bridesmaid dresses for inspiration.

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