Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

There are few tasks as important to the success of your wedding as the selection of your wedding gown. Choosing your wedding gown is one of the first steps that many brides take following setting the official date. In order to ensure that your wedding gown shopping experience is the best it possibly can be, we’ve devised a list of eight things you need to do when you head out in search of the perfect gown for your event.

Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

Schedule your first appointment. While your wedding date may seem impossibly far away, the truth is that there is rarely enough time for brides to be to choose their gowns, have them altered and then get it back for the final fitting before your special day. On average, it takes somewhere between 6-9 months for a gown to be finalized, so getting started quickly is the key to your wedding day success.

Set your appointment with several gown stores and spend time at each location looking through what they have to offer. You have to balance your budget with your design preferences. And while there are many different dresses available, you are sure to be able to narrow down your choices and find the perfect dress for your needs.

Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

What to bring to your first appointment. Nothing. As a matter of fact, all you need to bring is yourself and a few of your favorite friends and/or relatives. Choosing stores that have experienced consultants will help you make your dress selection process easier because they will cater to all of your needs while you shop for the perfect dress.

The process. At your first appointment with any bridal gown store, plan to spend some time discussing your wedding plans with the consultant. They will want to know what colors you are planning to use as well as your floral selection, whether the event will be held indoors or out, whether or not the event will be formal, etc. This will help them select dresses that will best fit your needs. As you try on dresses, the consultant will pick up on specific likes and dislikes, which will help her bring you a better selection of gowns to choose from. Believe it or not, it is very possible to find the perfect dress at your first appointment. And the odds of this happening increase when you are working with a n experienced consultant.

Choosing a style for your body type. Every woman dreams of the perfect wedding from the time they are little girls. They usually have an idea of the type of dress they want to wear. However, they may not have a great idea of the type of gown that will best flatter their features and create the perfect bride. There are several different types of styles that most bridal gowns can be categorized into. These include A line dresses, which can enhance any body type. Then there are Fit and Flare dresses that hug the body through the bodice and flare out from the hips, which is perfect for curvier women. Sheath dresses offer a straight cut that skims the curves of the body that is classic and simple and work best for taller women.

Tips for finding the perfect wedding dress

What to budget for a dress. Brides will need to have a solid understanding of the budget they have to work with. Bridal gowns can be very expensive. Decide your budget ahead of time and stick to it. This goes a long way to ensuring that your entire wedding will stay on budget.

Designers for ranging budgets. Designer gowns will generally cost more than those that don’t include designer labels. And, there are different levels of designer dresses. There are a number of great designer options that you can choose from for less than $1,000 and those that range upwards to over $10,000.

Don’t forget about alterations! And, last but not least, alterations are rarely free. Make sure that you include up to $600 for alterations in your dress budget. Alterations range in pricing depending on the experience of your seamstress and the fabrics/details of the dress. Prices can range from $200-$600.

Getting fitted. After you choose your gown, schedule the first fitting for 3 months out. This will begin the alterations process. Most take 2-3 appointments to complete, though some can take longer.

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