3 Creative and Unique Save the Date Ideas for your Wedding Day!

Congratulations on your excitement! You are now in the process of planning your wedding. Save the date cards are one of the fun ways to spread the news about your wedding to your guests. This can be the first piece of idea that goes to your guests giving some hint about your big day. So, don’t think it as a save the date card. Instead be unique and creative! Plan your save the date cards with unique and memorable way so your guests will never forget the date even after your wedding!

Here are some of the unique ways to create your save the date cards.

Unique Save the Date Ideas for your Wedding Day

1. Add Simple Text to your   Favorite Photo

Creative and Unique Save the Date Ideas

I am sure you have lot of favorite moments in your photo collection. Filter some of your favorite photos and check the most beautiful one that suits for your save the date card. Add text on it and send. Really easy to do, but the beautiful photo of you both will be a keepsake for the receiver.

2. Create a save the date magnet

Instead of a save the date printed card you can create a magnet with your message. Your guest will not throw the save the date magnet after reading it. He or she will sure use it on the fridge. If you think that it is costly and not easy to prepare save the date magnets, you are wrong. For inspiration, check this collection and start creating your save the date magnet using your photos. Rates are as low as $0.93.But the idea is unique and interesting!

Creative and Unique Save the Date Ideas

With unlimited color options and design ideas available, you will find creating a save the date magnet is easier than you think!

3. Use a Photo from the wedding location

A gorgeous photo of the wedding location will give the hint of how beautiful your wedding day will be. Capture a beautiful photo of the location and use it for your save the date card and send to your guests. They will sure come to your wedding not only to see you, but also to experience the beauty of the location.

Above are some of the Creative and Unique Save the Date Ideas that you can use for your big day. You can also check www.basicinvite.com   for ideas as they have a unique collection of save the date cards and magnets.


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