If you like to know about the person behind this site,here are the details on how I created this site and why I created.

I like everything beautiful.Few years ago I planned my wedding with most things DIY.

From wedding invitations to wedding decorations,I used my creativity to make it a beautiful day! During that period of planning my wedding,I started reading about wedding planning and wedding tips.Finally,I had a dream wedding with no stressful moments.

My love to creativity and wedding planning were not ended after my wedding.Hence,this site Live at the Ivy was born.

Why the name Live at the Ivy?

Yes,as most of SEO guru suggestions,I don’t have any keyword in the domain name.(I am sorry,I learned all these SEO and keywords after I created this site and along the blogging journey)

Anyway,I love gardening.I love plants.I love home interior decorations with indoor plants.So,I love Ivy plants with different designs and varieties.

And,do you know the secret?

I had ‘Ivy’ vines on my wedding bouquet! 🙂

Live at the Ivy


I started this site to share my life,DIY,crafts,beauty,wedding and lifestyle.Eventually ,most of the blog posts are focusing on wedding planning.But,still these blog posts will help you to plan your life and to live a ‘lively’ and ‘vibrant’ life same as a beautiful ‘Ivy’ plant!

And I am in Singapore,one of the beautiful countries in Southeast Asia!



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