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Wedding is a lifetime event and wedding photography is one of the most important things to plan better for any memorable wedding. Basically, wedding photography is an art which enhance the memories of a wedded couple for lifetime.

If you consider south Asian weddings, including Indian weddings, usually these are colourful and filled with lot of traditions and celebrations. Then, it is very important to capture the moments by a professional photographer to keep memories of all rituals and traditions of the day. Among lot of Professional photography services, I want to introduce one of the wedding photographers in India.

If you are looking for best wedding photographers in India to cover your wedding, then don’t think twice. Contact people at www.fotoshaadi.com .They will cover your wedding with beautiful captures which make you alive over the lifetime.Do they only cover weddings in India? No, they cover weddings at other countries such as Singapore, Mauritius and Maldives as well. If you are from another country, just contact them and see the possibility of covering your wedding. I guess they will not disappoint you.

Fotosshaadi.com is a place to find the service from the best wedding photographers in India and their team consist of photographers, designers, movie-makers, creative directors and managers .With a team consist of such professionals in related industries, they work hard to capture your wedding moments in the best way. Finally, they will present the memories in a creative and exciting way. I am sure any couple wants to have some exciting and creative wedding photography instead of traditional boring captures.

Fotosshadi operates throughout the Indian sub-continent and also in some other countries by offering their extremely professional service for their customers. Below are some of the services you can expect from Fotosshadi.

Candid wedding photography


Fotosshadi will create magical moments of your wedding day by providing the service of best wedding photographers to create your memories. They will shoot the mainstream event and also you will be able to capture some pre wedding moments in a beautiful way.

Cinematic Wedding Videos

Don’t forget the power of a wedding video for your unforgettable memories list. With a team of wedding cinematographers, they will create a storytelling film about your wedding. Don’t you think a wedding film created by a team of wedding filmmakers in India is a really exciting memory for the lifetime? Then, have a look into their site and see some of the samples of wedding film. I am sure you will want to have one for your wedding too!

Wedding albums

Finally this is the important item for organizing and displaying your wedding photography. You will be able to get a classy wedding album with beautiful layouts with different options to suit for any budget.


Other than the above services, they also provide the service of animated wedding invitations and photo booth setups. With them, even you can get stunning moments of couple shoot in classic and casual way.

Have a look into http://www.fotoshaadi.com/ and see what they have to offer you.

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