A Bond Entrenched: the Oyster and the Pearl

There is a special bond that exists between an oyster and a pearl by virtue of the way a pearl is formed. If a grain or another object slips in between the shell and the mantle of an oyster, irritation is created. The oyster carefully and patiently coats the intruder with nacre – layer by layer – until an exceptional being is created: a beautiful pearl.

A Bond Entrenched: the Oyster and the Pearl

If you looked

Inside my heart

You’d see

All the rhythms

Of my life


A perfect pearl

Into perfect being

And holds it

For safe


–         SilviAlcivar

The bond between the pearl and the oyster is akin to the precious bond that exists between a mother and child, two best friends, and a husband and wife. No relationship is flawless. But when a bond is powerful enough, an “irritation” will be forgiven and love will triumph.

Because it’s true

That when

I breathe

My lungs

Make laughter

That sounds out

Your name,

Every part of me

Loves every piece

Of you

Every moment

I breathe




–          SilviAlcivar


Not all pearls are perfect – some have uneven shapes like baroque pearls. But, sometimes, these unique shapes and imperfections are what make them so special and beautiful. Think of your wife, your mother, or your daughter. She’s not perfect, but just like a baroque pearl, she’s unique and special. She has her own story, one that defines her and makes her different. The most beautiful woman is one that carries her imperfections with grace and poise.

A Bond Entrenched: the Oyster and the Pearl

To know grace


The power

Of gratitude

Touching your heart

Like a pearl pendant

Strung on a string

Of thank you’s


By your



–          SilviAlcivar


Pearls are “living” organisms that can stay alive for a lifetime, for several generations. Pearls become even more dazzling over time; they obtain an added gleam from absorbing the oil from your skin. Even more extraordinary, these jewels rub their nutrition off onto the human body. They contain numerous minerals, amino acids, and a high concentration of calcium that acts as a relaxant. The pearl attitude is one of giving the best of itself to the one who loves them.

If you want to know

How to live a lifetime

Remembering love,

Just pretend our hearts

Are cameras taking pictures

Of the shape of us,

By which I mean

Our laughter filling days,

Our souls knowing only light,

Our lives wanting nothing

More or less

Than us.

–          SilviAlcivar

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