Spread your Love to Wedded Couple with a Custom Wedding Gift

Are you looking for a unique wedding gift idea? Sometimes it is really difficult to find a unique gift idea for a newly wedded couple as most of the gift ideas are not new or unique. Most of the lists of wedding gift ideas include typical gifts such as glass sets, plates, pots and pans and other similar things. But if you look for a unique wedding gift that newly wedded couple would admire, then go for a custom wedding gift which is made just for them. Your friends would love to receive such a gift specially made for them. Such personalized wedding gift will also convey the message of how thoughtful you are.

Custom wedding print decoration

Custom wedding gift

For this custom wedding print decoration, you can include a photo of the couple as the background. Then include the details such as first date, where they met, engagement date, names of the couple and any other specific details that are worth mentioning.

Once the customized design is ready, you only have to print it and frame with a high quality photo frame. This sounds really easy and simple. But, to make it look attractive, you need to have a beautiful design which includes all these details.

How to make the Custom Wedding Design?

You can easily hire a designer to make the artwork. As there are different packages available, you can easily order the suitable package starting from $5.

If you select the premium package, you will receive your design on an 11×14 canvas, shipped to you which is ready as a personalized wedding gift which is unique.

To order and to check more details, please check custom wedding gifts here.

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