Detox holidays in Thailand:Perfect Honeymoon Idea

Are you planning your wedding? If so have you decided your honeymoon destination yet? Instead of having a typical honeymoon somewhere in a beautiful place, why don’t you think of having a health retreat that will detox and sooth both your body and mind?

If you didn’t think of this so far, then here is the idea for having an unforgettable honeymoon with a detox holiday.
A detox holiday is a perfect way to spend your vacation while cleansing your body. With a detox holiday you can easily clear your mind with unnecessary cluttered feelings and rejuvenated for a new life. A marriage is a start of new life. So, a detox holiday is a perfect way to begin your life with a healthy start.

Detox holidays in Thailand

What is the best place to spend a Detox Holiday?

If you think of a detox holiday in Asia, Thailand is one of the best destinations. Beautiful beaches, friendly people and rich culture provide reasons for anyone to travel Thailand for any type of holiday, be it family vacation or a healthy retreat. So, with no doubt we would like to recommend Thailand as a perfect honeymoon destination.

So, once you decided Thailand as your detox holiday destination, next question where the best place is for a detox holiday. I did a bit research on this before writing this post. After having read some actual reviews of customers, we recommend Orion Healing Centre for your Thailand Health Retreats.

Detox holidays in Thailand

What you can expect from the Detox Holidays in Thailand?

In Orion Health Centre, they offer different programs which offer different activities for you. It is best to participate to one of these programs with your partner. So, you both are able to begin your new life with healthy mind and body.
If you check the programs offered by them, you’ll find that all these are planned well to include more relaxing and rejuvenating activities for you. Programs such as Vitality Juice Detox, 11 Day Detox Package, 11 Day Vitality Juice Detox Package and 28 Day Renew & Revitalize Program are designed with different activities. Other than these, there are many more programs available at Orion Healing Centre. So, the best is , visit their website and see what is your preferred program.Then it is really easier to plan your Detox holidays in Thailand.

Detox holidays in Thailand

Yoga retreats are another way to spend your time in Thailand. It is relaxing and enjoyable. Finally you will be able to start your new life with relaxing mind forgetting all the stressful feelings and tiredness.

Then why wait? Start planning your honeymoon in Thailand with a Detox Holiday!

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