Engagement Ring Cuts Every Woman Should Know

Engagement Ring Cuts

Hearing wedding bells? If you suspect that a marriage proposal is around the corner, you’ve probably taken a peek (or ten) at different engagement ring styles. With so many different cuts to choose from, there is an engagement ring style available to fit any personality. Whether you’re into something ultrachic, vintage, or eclectic, you can find the perfect cut if you know what to look for.

If you’re seeing a proposal on the horizon, you should start to familiarize yourself with the various types of cuts available for diamond engagement rings. Start to get a feel for which cuts fit your personality and which ones you’d rather leave in the jewelry case. Ladies, you’re going to be wearing this piece of jewelry every day (until death does you part, more accurately), so you’ll want to learn how to take care of your rings and enjoy their brilliance forever.

Classic and Popular

Round Cut

Round-cut diamonds are by far the most popular cut. The round shape helps reflect light and illuminate the diamond at all angles. Most engagement rings are initially designed for round-cut diamonds, so the majority of rings look amazing with round stones. The round stone’s ability to shine so bright and brilliant explains why over 70 percent of diamonds for sale in the world is round cut.

Princess Cut

Another largely popular diamond cut is the princess cut. The princess-cut diamond features a faceup shape and square or rectangular sides. This cut, like the round stone, is incredibly versatile and pairs well with many ring styles, and the look is modern and geometric.

The princess cut is not to be confused with the cushion cut. Both cuts are square-shaped, but the cushion-cut diamond has soft round edges.

Sophisticated and Luxurious

Emerald Cut

The sparkle factor of an emerald-cut diamond is more understated than that of some of the other cuts. However, the elongated silhouette of the emerald cut showcases the diamond’s clarity quite well. The emerald cut is often described as both elegant and dramatic—you’ll definitely catch a few eyes with this one.

Marquise Cut

A marquise-cut diamond ring is going to feel very regal and elegant. This distinctive shape is identified by a long, narrow silhouette and pointed ends. Think of it as a shiny, fancy football.

This cut is great for elongating the finger and giving the illusion of a bigger diamond. Celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and Catherine Zeta-Jones wear marquise-cut diamond engagement rings. When choosing this cut, make sure the ends are protected by prongs in the setting, as the pointed ends are susceptible to chipping.

Unique and Vintage

Pear Cut

The pear-cut diamond is a bit of a hybrid stone. You may have also heard it referred to as a “teardrop.” While not the most classically popular cut, pear-cut diamonds are a top choice of those who prefer uniqueness or bohemian style.

Finding a perfectly cut pear diamond may take a little work—they can sometimes be cut too short or too long—but the reward of having a special and original ring style is worth it! Check out the Diamond Pro’s thorough guide to finding incredible pear-shaped diamonds.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher-cut diamond is named after the jeweler who patented the design in 1902. The overall shape of the stone is octagonal, though it looks somewhat square when placed in a four-prong mount. You may hear this cut referred to as the “square emerald.”

This cut gained popularity among the fashion elite when Carrie Bradshaw’s character sported an Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring on the show Sex and the City. The Asscher cut can’t hide imperfections the way a round stone may. For that reason, only exceedingly high-quality diamonds are chosen to become Asscher cuts.

Caring for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is an accessory that you’ll be wearing every day for many years. It’s important to have one that makes you feel special every time you look at it. With proper care and storage, your ring, no matter the cut, can shine brilliantly for years to come.

Learn to care for your rings by following these pointers:

●        Once the ring is on your finger, you can’t just forget about it. You should take it for minor preventative repairs to avoid disasters like the diamond falling out of its setting because of a bent prong. Think of it as a yearly checkup for your engagement ring.

●        You may not want to, but you should take the ring off sometimes. Everyday activities and chores stress your ring and can cause damage over time.

●        Clean your ring from time to time with a few drops of dish soap in warm water. Soak the ring for a few minutes, and scrub with a soft baby toothbrush.

A Few Notes

If you’re not sure where to start looking for your engagement ring (or where to tell your significant other to start looking), try looking for a reputable online diamond retailer that provides top-quality diamonds at affordable prices and offers every type of diamond cut.

So what are you waiting for? Start falling in love with your diamond!

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