Plan your Grand Beach Wedding at Turtle Island Resort in Fiji

Just imagine having your wedding in a destination which nature’s beauty is at its best and you are in a place which everything around you are romantic! Thinking about such environment will make you dreaming! Am I right? That’s why I selected to highlight one of the best destination wedding locations on the earth for today’s post. It is Turtle Island Resort in Fiji!

Fiji and Turtle Island together makes a beautiful dreamy wedding location and Turtle Island resort is the best place to plan your wedding to come a reality. Just imagine how romantic it sounds when you wear traditional Fiji wedding attire and waiting for your partner to come through the shadows of sunset! Guests who are wearing beautiful tropical flower garlands will bless and greet you making the moment more memorable. All these are possible when you plan your dreamy wedding in Turtle Island Resort in Fiji.

How to plan a Grand Beach Wedding at Turtle Island Resort in Fiji

Planning your dreamy wedding at grand beach, Turtle Island is really easy when you contact Turtlefiji.com. You only need your documents which include both of your Birth Certificates, Passports and divorce or death certificate of former spouse wherever applicable. You also need parental consent if you are under 21.When you have all required documents, just wait and relax. The team at Turtle Island Resort in Fiji will do the rest. You only have to participate on the wedding day and see how beautiful is your wedding destination!

Your Grand Beach Wedding at Turtle Island Resort in Fiji

Before confirming your wedding in Turtle Island Resort, check this post about the perfect Fiji wedding package for your special day. So, you can get clear idea on how your wedding would be.

Your wedding package in Turtle Island resort includes the most important things for your ceremony including marriage License fee, choir and services of a Methodist Minister. You will also get the feast,wedding cake,wedding DVD,Digital photo CD, Champaign Toast and Kava Ceremony when you plan your wedding with Turtle Island Resort. If you like to wear authentic Fijian apparel, you can request and arrange your desired dress. All these are inclusive in your Turtle Island Resort wedding package.

All these sounds fantastic, isn’t it? So, it is time to plan your dreamy and romantic wedding at Turtle Islands. Sure, you’ll have memorable, dreamy and romantic wedding day among the beauty of Fiji. Check www.turtlefiji.com for more details.


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