Honeymoon Fitness Retreat In Thailand

It is a beginning of a new life. Instead of having a boring honeymoon vacation somewhere around the world, start your new life with a healthy way. Go for a fitness honeymoon and gain some healthy results for both of you with good new habits. After a Fitness retreat, it will sure give you both the habit of staying fit and healthy which on the other way it is a good start for a long life together.


If you think of a destination for your honeymoon together with a fitness program, then try Thailand. This beautiful Asian country is a good location for travelers around the world and it is popular for the fitness programs they offer for their tourists thorough out the country.

Recommended Honeymoon Fitness Retreat in Thailand

If you look for a Fitness retreat in Thailand , then join the PhuketFit fitness retreat. They offer programs personally designed for you with certified trainers with many years of experience in the same field.

What you can expect from this Total Fitness Program?

PhuketFit Total Fitness program is arranged with certified trainers who specially trained for total body transformation. Once you join with this program, you will start it with a 1 on 1 personal evaluation. To evaluate your fitness and suitability for any of the program, they will ask you to go through a full and comprehensive test which test fitness, strength and aerobic capacity. After carefully evaluating your capacity and strength, they will arrange you a specific personalize program. Sounds so good, am I correct?


Not only you will get a personalized training program. Once you are into your fitness retreat, you will receive support from their personal program coach and further more you will get the chance to modify the program as and when needed according to your progress.

Below are some of the items included in this fitness program in Thailand.

  • Private 1-on-1 VIP session with Pro trainer
  • Group Fitness classes
  • Yoga classes
  • Morning Beach Bootcamp
  • Muay Thai kickboxing classes
  • Education throughout the classes and program
  • Health Food meal plan
  • Thai/Oil Massage

And many more. Please have a look into the PhuketFit.com for more details on this program and what they have to offer through the Total Fitness program.

What are the benefits of this program?


If you ask me what the benefits of following a fitness program are, I will say you will get all the benefits of a fitness program and the benefits of having a healthy body. However if you follow this program as per the instruction given by the trainers and stick into their meal plan, you will get amazing results. These results are include healthy body and mind, improved posture, building lean muscle and improved athletic performance.

How to join with Total Fitness Program?

Joining with this program is simple and easy. All you have to do is visit PhuketFit and select the relevant program for you. Then contact the teams using the given contact form. That’s it. You will get all the instructions to enroll with a program.

Have a look into their site and join the PhuketFit fitness retreat to achieve many of the healthier results for your body and mind.

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