How to Create a DIY Candy Buffet for your Wedding

Do you want to add a colourful candy buffet for your wedding? Your guests would love to see and taste different assorted colour candy and even it can be a great idea as wedding favours. So, here we gathered the easy steps for you to create a wonderful candy buffet for your wedding.

Follow these steps. You’ll have colourful candy buffet to make your wedding day more memorable!


Set Your Budget

Budget is very important when you decide to create your own DIY candy buffet. You are going to buy candy for a large crowd of guests. So, you want to buy candy in bulk. If you do not have a budget, you may end up spending more for candy than you think.

Decide a theme or colour

You should already have a theme for your wedding. If so, it is easy to decide the theme for your candy buffet. You can simply use the same wedding theme or even you can use a colour which goes well with your wedding theme.

Select Candy Vases/Jars and other accessories


You need candy vases and jars to organize your candy buffet. Apothecary jars are most popular for candy buffets as you can easily find those in different designs, heights and shapes. Also make sure to purchase few candy scoops.

Select Candy


Selecting candy for your wedding candy buffet is an art. You need to select assorted colour Candy to make the buffet appealing. You can also mix chocolate and nuts to make it more flavorful and appealing.. Giant lollipops and colourful gumballs are always popular in candy buffet as they add brightness and flavor to the candy buffet.

It is easy to buy candy in bulk for reasonable rates when you buy online. Even you don’t need to visit the store; they will ship your order to the home. Both time and money is important when you plan your wedding. Check online shops like www.mrnutzz.com to buy different shaped and colorful candy online.
Now everything is ready. You need to arrange the candy buffet. Fill the different jars with different candy, nuts and chocolate. Make sure to place the shortest jars in front and the tallest jars in back.
Finally place some favour boxes, so that your guests can fill the favour boxes with their favorite candy from your wedding.

Remember, your candy buffet will be a part of your wedding décor too. It will make your wedding look cheerful and beautiful.

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