How to Make Your Own DIY Boutonnière

Planning a wedding is a really exciting task. You need to spend more time selecting stylish designs and unique ideas to make your special day beautiful. Although you cannot do everything alone, there are some items which you can do it yourself. DIY stuff will give you more personal touch and by engaging with your wedding items, you will really have a good time when organizing the big day. On the other way you will save some money too.

However, you cannot do everything DIY because you need to appear beautiful on your wedding day without tiresome look. If you try to do many things just before the wedding day, you will sure have a tiresome time.

How to Make Your Own DIY Boutonnière

But, to make your own DIY Boutonnière, you don’t need to spend much time. Your own DIY Boutonnière will add some beautiful and personal touch for the wedding and sure your partner would admire it!

How to Make Your Own DIY Boutonnière?

It is really easy to make your own Boutonnière, but I don’t want to spend time writing all the steps here. Instead read this tutorial with step by step photos on making a boutonnière.

How to Make Your Own DIY Boutonnière

Tips for a beautiful DIY Boutonnière

We hope above mentioned tutorial is helpful for you to make your own Boutonnière. For better results, select hardy flower with a big head. A rose,carnation or calla lily is usually perfect for Boutonnière. It is good to practice making a Boutonnière just few days before the wedding in order to have beautiful and quality results on your wedding day. However, you can make your DIY Boutonnière just before the wedding day; it will not take much time.

We hope you will create a beautiful Boutonnière for the groom on your wedding day!

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