How to Select a Perfect Wedding Venue


Wedding is an important milestone for anyone during their lifetime. Therefore a memorable ceremony is a dream for anyone. If you are planning your wedding, I am sure you are here to find some great tips to plan your wedding in the best way possible. Perfect planning will make it a very special and a memorable day where it will be remembered.

Mainly the word ‘Wedding’ brings your mind a great celebration. However to make your wedding, a grand celebration, you need to focus on each items on your wedding and plan in the correct way.

Among the number of things that anyone has to pay attention for a perfect wedding preparation, in this post I am going to share few tips on how to select a perfect wedding venue for your wedding.

Wedding venue is a very important factor in any wedding ceremony.Choose the venue wisely because after all, it is the place where you will share long lasting memories with your friends and relatives.

#1: Consider your preferences

It is your wedding. So, you should like the place. When you arrive at a certain wedding venue and if you attract to the place and have a good feeling about the venue, don’t ignore that feeling. Because, that’s a good start for you to take a decision. However once you like the venue, you need to consider other factors too before making a booking.

#2 : Think about the size.

One of the important factors for selecting a wedding venue is its size. So, this is extremely important in your decision. If you choose a venue that is too tiny and small then it will be uncomfortable and annoying for everybody in your wedding.

Also the wedding will lose its closeness and attention of the guests if the venue is too large. Therefore consider the number of guests as a factor to dictate the size of the wedding venue.

Before everything, prepare your invitees list. Then you will have a clear idea on how many guests you are going to have. If you are going to have a dancing floor, think of that factor too.

#3: Don’t Rush

Even if you are in last minute to book a wedding venue, still don’t rush into choosing and booking the perfect wedding venue. A wedding is one of the most important events in your life. Therefore make a wise decision when you book your wedding venue by selecting a comfortable and attractive place for your ceremony.

The best thing to avoid these last minute stressful and rushing moments is try to look for a venue about a year before the wedding date. Then you will have enough time to make wise decisions.

#4: Review the parking area.

Parking area is an important thing to check when you look for a wedding venue. Most of the times, many people complain of limited parking space when they attend a wedding. Therefore make sure your selected venue has enough space for all of your guests.

#5: Any restrictions for the venue

Check if there are any restrictions for the wedding venue. For example there may have some noise restriction where you are unable to hire a band or there may have time restrictions even some with restrictions on decorations. So, check those things before making a decision. Ask lot of questions from the management of the venue and clear all your doubts before making the decision.

Above are some of the important tips for select a wedding venue. However there are many other things to consider when you plan a wedding including wedding venue. For more tips on planning a perfect wedding, you can read more here.

Finally, a wedding is a commitment to each other. Therefore to make a memorable wedding ceremony you need little planning. Best thing is, start planning your wedding at least 6 months before the date and gather lot of information as possible.

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