Common Mistakes to Avoid in your Spain Destination Wedding

I know you are excited with your destination wedding idea. Spain is a beautiful country with full of romantic wedding venues and friendly wedding service providers. Planning a destination wedding in Spain is not difficult. With little research and with right vendors you can easily accomplish your goal of getting married in Spain.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in your Spain Destination Wedding

However in case if you don’t plan it well, everything can be ruined as well. A silly mistake can spoil the wedding spirit. Therefore we thought of writing this article to highlight some of the mistakes which couples do in their destination weddings. These are common in weddings Spain too.

So what are the most common wedding mistakes in Spain?

Not checking the legal requirements

If you plan a destination wedding and if you want to get married in another country, it is important to understand the legal requirements. You have to get married under the destination country’s law. This is same with Spain too. You have to check and understand the Spain legal requirements for your marriage. Sometimes couples do not pay much attention to this and face issues at the last minute.

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Flower girl/page boy refuses or cries

This is another common problem in weddings. Some little page boys and flower girls refuses to go down the aisle. This can happen if you choose children below certain ages. Therefore if you decide to have flower girls & page boys for your wedding, then consider their age. Further they need to be in fresh mood on your wedding time. Allow them to sleep well the day before the wedding. Feed them at the right time and make sure they are not hungry.So planning wedding Spain will be fine with no issues.


Sometimes family members can be emotional over certain topics. These can lead to arguments between them. However such incidents can spoil the entire wedding. Therefore it is important to ask one of your family members to keep an eye on such incidents and solve before it turns into any unhappy moment.

These are some of the possible mistakes to avoid in your Spain wedding in order to make it more memorable. Use a checklist to plan your destination wedding in Spain. Also by hiring a wedding planner you can easily plan your dream wedding.

Further, do a lot of research when you plan your Spain wedding. This will help you to understand more on your big day and to avoid some of the biggest mistakes.

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