How to Plan Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Free

Planning a wedding really needs lot of attention time and of course money. It is really easy to hire a wedding planner to arrange everything for you. Specially if you plan a destination wedding, then you need someone at the destination who can arrange you the best location and who can give you the correct information of the place. When it comes to your honeymoon, it is really good to have someone who can guide you to select a romantic destination and places to stay. Just imagine that you get your destination wedding planning free!How awesome!

Tips for planning a weddings in dominican republic

But, how do you get these honeymoon planning and destination wedding planning for free?

Plan Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Free

There are travel consultants that can arrange everything for you without charging a fee for them. What is the catch? They get the fee from the resort, not from you. So, relax and enjoy your wedding planning while a travel agent plan your destination wedding or honeymoon.

How to Plan Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding Free

Donna Debarbieris- Full service travel agent!

Donna Debarbieris is a full service travel agent who can help you in planning your honeymoon, destination wedding or any vacation/adventure. She doesn’t charge a single cent for offering this service. It is completely free. Don’t worry. There is no gimmick. She gets her payment from the resort without extra charge for you. Isn’t this so interesting when you can get some help for free to plan your honeymoon or destination wedding?

Call or text Donna Debarbieris and sit back. Let her do all of your reservations/ dining/ excursions related to your wedding. You can also contact her to arrange any vacation or adventures too!

Contact number (337) 852-6481

Happy wedding planning!

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