Plan your Elopement in Greenville SC

Are you looking for elopement packages Greenville SC? Well,in the past, the word ‘elope’ didn’t give any good meaning. With culture and tradition, most marriages were happened with parents’ approval and guidance. But now, everything has changed with time. Nowadays the word ‘elopement’ gives another meaning and sense. These days elopements involve only three people, that is; bride, groom and the minister. However, you can ask few of your friends and family members to join the ceremony.

Wedding elopement is the easiest way to get married with minimum cost. You don’t need to worry about expenses that you have to do for a formal wedding.If you don’t consider more planning to get married, simply it involves few steps. Elopement packages are handy in such situations where you don’t want to spend more money for your wedding.

Plan your Elopement in Greenville SC


Plan your Elopement in Greenville SC, just for $99!

Do you know; now you can get married in Greenville SC just for $99! That sounds too good, right?For a limited time period, you can elope in Greenville SC, just for $99 and your elopement package includes below things.

  • Complete Wedding Ceremony at a location selected by you (in Greenville County)
  • Help to find free and beautiful wedding venues
  • Provide wedding template and vows
  • Complete the 3 marriage license copies as per SC regulations including the Bride/Groom copy

If you check carefully, the basic requirements for getting married in Greenville SC are included in this elopement package and it is really worth for $99.If you look for wedding officiants greenville sc, then Rev. Michael Mooney will serve as your wedding officient. He is also specializing in Christian Elopements and Weddings for couples.There you will find elopement packages South Carolina and specially for elopement packages greenville sc.

Plan your Elopement in Greenville SC,

Rev. Michael Mooney , as president of the National Association of Christian Ministers serve as a wedding officiant in Greenville simply because it’s his passion! He loves to bring couples to God for blessings and you can get his service simply by contacting him.Check www.wedding-officiant-greenville.com for more details about Rev. Michael Mooney and elopement packages which fit for you for elope and get married in greenville sc.With him you canm easily plan your elopement in Greenville SC!

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