Planning a Small Wedding in Phoenix

I am sure you are planning your wedding in Phoenix. Are you really excited with your wedding planning? I know that planning your wedding is really exciting. However, most wedding planning includes a huge cost for different services. In case if you are on a limited budget or if you look for a simple small wedding in phoenix, then here is how to do. These tips will be useful for you to plan a small wedding in phoenix.

planning a small wedding in phoenix

Invite few guests

The number of guests for your wedding decides the size of the wedding. If you invite for hundreds of wedding guests, then you have to accommodate them in a comfortable venue. Starting from wedding venue, you have to pay all the services. This will also affect your wedding budget. Therefore prepare your wedding guests list before deciding on other things such as wedding venue, catering etc.

Choose a small wedding venue

planning a small wedding in phoenix

After deciding your wedding guests, The first thing you have to do is to choose a wedding venue in phoenix. However as you plan for a small wedding then choose a wedding venue that can accommodate small number of guests. Otherwise you will pay for a large wedding venue even though you want a small wedding venue to accommodate your guests. For a Small Wedding Venue Phoenix, you can check venues such as The Mission Chapel which is suitable for small weddings.

Be creative with your wedding decorations

planning a small wedding in phoenix

Usually wedding decorations require more time and cost. However when your wedding is small, it is also easy to try DIY wedding decorations in order to make your wedding unique and attractive. Try such DIY decorations which save you money in case if you are on a budget.

Choose a casual wedding theme.

Usually brides love to hold their wedding with a theme. If you are also dreaming a wedding with a theme where everything according to a theme or a colour, then choose a theme that is suitable for planning a small wedding. You can choose a casual theme where you do not have to spend much on wedding decorations, bouquets and bridal. If you check Pinterest, you’ll find loads of ideas for casual wedding themes that are easy to plan.

Above are some of the tips that you can follow for planning a small wedding in phoenix. Don’t forget to look for entertainment services in phoenix such as DJ, musicians or even magicians to make your guests excited on your wedding day!

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