Protect your Big Day with the Right Wedding Insurance

Getting married and planning a memorable wedding is a dream for any couple. It is enjoyable to plan a perfect wedding by spending lot of money to have the most beautiful items for the wedding. However, planning your wedding with all the perfect things doesn’t mean that you do not have any risks.

Even if you spend more than one year to plan your wedding or even if you buy or order the most expensive or most reputed brands, products for your wedding day, there are many problems that can occure on your wedding day.

Wedding insurance to protect your big day

What are the possible risks on your wedding day?

Unexpected things on your wedding day such as no show of your wedding service providers, unexpected weather conditions, accidents during the wedding day in the wedding venue or risks to your wedding jewelry etc will spoil entirely your big day .Just think what will happen if your photographer does not come on the wedding day! Even there are volunteers around with a digital camera; you are unable to get the perfect photography and most beautiful wedding album to keep with you for the entire lifetime. By just hearing that your photographer didn’t come for the wedding, you will change your mood.Although any other person takes your photos, you will give some dull poses. It will be a disaster entirely. Photography is just an example only. There are lots of possible things to happen on your big day to make it an unhappy day. Therefore it is important to take necessary measures to protect your wedding with  insurance policy.


With  wedding insurance you can protect your investments caused by damages if something goes wrong. With so much money spent for your wedding, it is wise to incorporate wedding insurance into your overall wedding plan. The main reason is that  wedding insurance cover protection against anything which can go wrong and this includes cancellation or postponing of wedding. For example, John Lewis Wedding Insurance cover things like wedding cake, wedding transport, wedding jewelry and even wedding attire for loss or damage. Even it covers your costs if any guest of your wedding falls ill. So, having wedding insurance is really worth to enjoy a risk free wedding.

How to choose the perfect insurance for your wedding?

Once you decide having an insurance policy for your wedding, the next thing to pay your attention is the wedding insurance policies around. Among lot of wedding insurance policies and companies around, it is better to know how to choose the perfect wedding insurance for your big day.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a perfect policy for your wedding among so many policies available. Therefore here are some facts to consider when you choose a wedding insurance policy.

  • Types of the Wedding Insurance

You can purchase either wedding cancellation insurance or wedding liability insurance. Usually,  Wedding cancellation insurance cover things such as cancellation of your wedding due to the bad weather or officiant not showing up etc. Usually this type of wedding insurance covers your expenses and deposits for wedding attire, photography, videography etc.

Wedding liability insurance, which is the other type of wedding insurance, protects you if there is accident, injury or property damage that will happen at your wedding. Usually these types of wedding insurance are more popular among wedding planners due to the reason that most of the wedding venues require couples to obtain this insurance.

  • Compare wedding Insurance before you buy

It is best to check the wedding insurance policies available and the coverages they offer. By comparing few wedding insurance policies you will be able to incorporate with the best insurance policy with your preferences. To compare wedding insurance quotes, always check the wedding insurance policy for the items they cover under their policy. Compare the coverage for the premium paid. By comparing major wedding insurance policies available such as Debenhams Wedding Insurance and John Lewis Wedding Insurance; you will get the best wedding insurance plan to cover your wedding.

Once you compare few wedding insurance, then you should purchase the coverage as soon as you start planning your wedding. This will give you more risk free wedding planning experience; however most of the companies don’t allow you to purchase wedding insurance policy till 24 months before your wedding day.


Hope above details and tips are helpful for you to decide on your wedding insurance and to protect your big day with the right wedding insurance.Enjoy planning your wedding with risk free mind!

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