3 Things to Do Before You Buy Life Size Jenga Game Set for your Wedding

Entertainment is one of the things that you need to plan for your wedding. Among many entertainment activities such as music, magic show and dance floor you also cannot ignore the different games that can make your guests exciting. Among many available games, Life Size Jenga is a fun game to keep your guests engaging .However you need to have a proper plan if you want to arrange life size jenga games at the reception!

Things to Do Before You Buy Life Size Jenga Game Set for your Wedding

Below are the must know 3 things before you plan life size jenga for your wedding day!

1. Check the available sizes

With different sizes available, you need to decide the size of life size jenga game set before you buy. You can select either 2.5 ft height jenga set or a taller set around 4 feet in height. When you have some idea about the size that you want for your wedding day, it is easy to decide the brand and set you buy.

2. Read the reviews

Although it is easy to buy Life size jenga sets online, it is always a wise idea to read Life Size Jenga reviews and buying guide to have a better idea on the brand you are going to select. With actual reviews of the users, you will have a better idea on how it will be on your wedding day. Finally what you want is a jenga set which can create a fun time for your guests.

3. Check the quality of wood

Life size jenga sets are made of wood. However, check the type of wood before you choose your jenga set. If it is a harder wood, it will be easier for those who play the game. However to make it fun and difficult to complete the task, it is better to select a set made of a lighter wood such as pine or Oak.

When you check and know the above 3 things, you are ready to shortlist few products. Finally it is time to choose the best life size jenga set for your big day! I am sure this game will be a hit among your friends!


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  1. This is awesome!! I’ve been wanting to do life size jenga for a while now and this is definitely giving me some motivation…I even have some glow in the dark paints and never would of thought of those for it! Thanks!

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