Tips for a Perfect Sparkler Send Off

Wedding is a memorable ceremony of anyone’s life and usually most of the brides and grooms want to make it a very special day to be remembered during their lifetime. When planning a grand wedding, it is essential to include items which make the place beautiful and make your guests excited. Among the number of things involve for a perfect and grand wedding, don’t forget to include wedding sparklers too.


There are a lot of interesting ways to use wedding sparklers during your wedding ceremony and reception. Among those ideas which most couples use for their wedding day, one of the interesting and exciting way to use it is, to shower the newlyweds with lights and wishes.
So, here are some tips for you to plan a perfect sparkler send off with lot of memories.

Here are the tips!

Anyway before everything you need to check and confirm with your wedding venue that you are allowed for a sparkler send off.
Here are some Tips for a Perfect Sparkler Send Off.

#1. Invest in good sparklers

This is the most important thing for any sparkler send off.You need to buy good wedding sparklers which burn for longer time.
If you buy wedding sparklers which burn only for few seconds, then you will not get the desired glowing sparkling effect at once. Because the sparklers at front of the line may have burnt out by the time the back of the line is sparkling.
Therefore it is essential to buy some good long burning sparklers which have specially designed for weddings.


#2: Make someone in charge

For a perfect send off, having an in charge is a good idea. If you have a wedding planner, that’s perfect. If not, then assign jobs for few of your friends or relatives. Don’t forget to involve photographer too for the planning of sendoff. Because, finally what you remain is beautiful memories and long lasting photographs.

#3: Buy enough wedding sparklers and lighters

It is a common thing that all your guests will not stay till the end. However try to plan sparklers at least for 75% of the guests. Then you are in safe side.
Also you need few lighters too. Definitely 1 or 2 lighters are not enough for having a glowing sparkling light.

#4: Prepare the Guests

Assign someone to gather all the guests together and into lines. Make sure all the guests hear the directions. Also you can use your DJ to announce the sparkler send off clearly. Most of the times, they are good in giving instructions in clear voice.

#5: Walk slowly

Finally, you need to walk. Do not run!
Now you are in the sparkling send off and walk slowly without rushing to get most out of it. If you pass the guests too quickly, your photographer will not have time to take the beautiful and exciting captures. Also do not stress yourself, relax, smile and walk slowly.

I hope these tips are helpful for you for an exciting and sparkling send off on your wedding day. Enjoy and have fun!

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