Tips for Planning an Earth friendly Wedding

It is a precious idea that if you can start your new life by showing your love and care to Mother Nature. Instead of using lot of things including the decorations which can damage the environment, you can use some simple ideas which are eco-friendly and if you notice, these eco-friendly ideas are always budget friendly too.

Earth friendly Wedding

If you decide to have an earth friendly wedding, one of the best idea is that you can decide your wedding theme as earth friendly. By using such a great idea as your wedding theme, you can also spread the message of value of preserving the earth to your guests. With your eco-friendly wedding you can be a role model because you are setting an example for others with different ways of having a green wedding.

Here are some ideas for earth friendly wedding.

Tips for Planning an Earth friendly Wedding

To plan your green wedding, first check your wedding decoration ideas. Wedding decorations are always a waste if you don’t plan properly. Instead of lot of artificial flowers, you can use beautiful and less expensive flowers. Instead of paper table runners, it is a great idea to decorate the tables with flower petals which doesn’t harm Mother Nature after the wedding.

Earth friendly Wedding

Reduce use of plastic ware, instead always think of possibilities which you can use eco-friendly items. You can also use a simple wedding bouquet using seasonal flowers which you can find easily in your local area.

Earth friendly Wedding

Instead of buying a new expensive wedding dress, you can easily rent a wedding dress, so it increases the number of uses of the same dress. Otherwise, you can give your wedding dress to another ‘bride to be’, instead of keeping it inside the closet for the lifetime.

For your wedding favors, you can easily select handmade items or things that are earth friendly.

There are many more ways that you can create an earth friendly wedding. With such earth friendly wedding ideas,  you can help preserving Mother Nature and it is the best way to start your new life!


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