Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Wow! It is your wedding. Once the date is ready for the wedding, the next thing is to start planning the wedding ceremony. How exciting! I know you are so happy and in cheerful mood always. Have you make your wedding planning list yet? How about your wedding vows? Are you going to write your own vows for wedding? If so, have you decided on how to write your own wedding vow which others will say ‘wow? Here are some tips from us for you to make it easier to write your own wedding vows. Read these tips for writing your own wedding vows and we are sure, you will be ended up with one of the most romantic wedding vows!

Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Discuss with your partner

It is better to discuss with your partner and get some ideas. Talk about the tone of the wedding vow and the length of it which you both like. Consider the time length which you both need to spend on your wedding vow and remember, having a short and sweet wedding vow is always a wise idea!

Read lot of wedding vow examples as an inspiration

Yes, read dozens of wedding vows before you start writing your own wedding vow. There are lot of websites there which you can find vows for wedding which give you some idea on how your wedding vow should be. Read different type of wedding vows such as traditional vows, non-traditional vows, personalized wedding vows etc. There are many type of wedding vows which you can read and get inspired! Finally all these experience will help you to write your own wedding vow which others say ‘wow!’ Once you find few of your favorite wedding vows, then start writing your own vow for your wedding taking some inspiration from those.

Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Know Your Audience

It is true that you are writing your wedding vow. These are promises that you both exchange each other. It is a time full of love, romance and excitement. However, keep in mind that your guests are witnessing you both exchanging wedding vows. So, consider not to share details which are too private or which both of you don’t want to share with your colleagues or relatives who are your wedding guests.

Write it short and sweet

Once you collect all your ideas and the promises which you want to include in your wedding vows, then start writing. But, remember to make it short and sweet. Ideally, try to keep your wedding vows for one or two minutes.

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