Top Locations And Ideas For Wedding Day Photos

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, and one of the happiest – and the pictures from this day should not just be good, they should be great! But there is more to a great photo than the color and focus – that is perhaps the smallest part (although completely necessary) of what makes a great wedding photo.

Even more important are how the pictures make you feel when you look at them – are these two people starting an adventure that will last a lifetime, or are they simply posing in front of the church or chapel? This is much more a function of composition. Don’t forget that while these pictures record the history of your life, they are dependent on the art that the photographer brings to these photos – hire the best photographer that you can, and pay careful attention to the portfolio of the photographer.

Top Locations And Ideas For Wedding Day Photos

A large part of the composition of your photos is going to be the location that you choose – the best photos usually do not look posed, though it is hard to avoid that completely. After all, how many times do you see people walking alongside a mountain lake in wedding garb?

Achieving this ‘non-staged’ look is also where a really good photographer is worth it!

But the location should be considered carefully – remember, these photos will last a lifetime, and they should tell a story. Think about the places that are most important to you, the places which are special for their own reasons.

Perhaps the place you met, or the spot where you realized you were in love. The spot where you proposed might also make a perfect location for some of your wedding photos, but do not limit it to these spots.

Think about places of beauty that you both enjoy, and ones which reflect your love, your sense of humor or your outlook on life. Remember, these photos can tell people who look at them so much more than words on a page – the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words can be even truer when the pictures are well thought out and perfectly executed.

Top Locations And Ideas For Wedding Day Photos

More people are also opting for a series of locations and outfits, and at some point these photos will involve the photos of the actual wedding – the idea is to pick one or more spots that show more than just a happy couple on their wedding day, but photos that will be treasured by your children and grand-children as you grow older, and that will give them a sense of not just what you looked like at that time of your life, but also of who you were, your sense of humor and how much you loved each other.

Don’t settle for wedding photos that people look at with a sense of duty like some dusty old vacation slides – put the thought into these photos that they warrant, and treat them with the importance that they deserve by picking a Wedding Photographer Cornwall couples love!

For a Wedding Photographer Cornwall couples have gone to too tell their story through art and beauty, choose a photographer that brings a sense of passion and art to your photos!

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