Check this Unique Diamond Skull White Gold Engagement Ring

Everything is perfect and you found the perfect woman for your life. Now it is time to engage with her. Just imagine the most memorable moment in your life! You take an engagement ring from your pocket and put it on your most appreciated woman’s finger. You ask her to marry you. You want to see her eyes filled with romance or you want to see how excited she is.

A beautiful engagement ring is really important and it plays a big role on this moment. Not only with you, she needs to fall in love with the ring you give to her too.

To make your moment really memorable and excited, we need to introduce a beautiful white gold engagement ring which surely your girl will fall in love. Skull engagement rings are popular these days and check this beautiful diamond ring from skull rings collection of Sapphire Studios Design. It is a really unique design which any girl would fall in love.

‘Aphrodite’ 1.85ct Diamond Skull White Gold Engagement Ring

Unique Diamond Skull White Gold Engagement Ring

Made of white gold, this ‘Aphrodite’ 1.85ct Diamond Skull White Gold Engagement Ring is a dream of any girl. You can buy it in 10k, 14k or 18k as you wish. This diamond ring comes with a 1.25ct white diamond Centre stone. This Centre stone is surrounded by Beautiful side stones which are also 0.6ct White Diamond.

This would be the perfect selection for your girlfriend on your engagement day. Now, imagine the moment with this engagement ring. Sure, she will fall in love with this engagement ring too.

You can customize your own ring, simply allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture and you will receive your custom made engagement ring with white diamonds. In Sapphire Studios, you can also enjoy free shipping worldwide.

Visit www.sapphirestudiosdirect.com to see more details and ring designs.

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