Unique Handmade Wedding Invitations for your Wedding

Your wedding is a special day for you as it is a start of a new life together with your partner. If you are planning your wedding, you already know how many things to plan for a memorable wedding day. It is not just a day to meet and greet people. Instead you need much more preparation. Especially for the bride there are many things to prepare including the wedding dress, flowers, decorations, wedding invitations and many more.

Wedding invitations are among the items that you need to plan ahead. If you have a theme for your wedding, then wedding invitation is the best way to pass a hint to your guests about the wedding theme, because wedding invitations are among the best ways to show the tone of the wedding through designs and color schemes.

Handmade wedding invitations

How to select a wedding invitation

Although wedding invitations act as a way of communicating with the guests for the wedding, it is better to pay attention to select an elegant design for your invitation because it is the first impression of your wedding. Before your guests arrive to your wedding and see all these decorations and beautiful bride, they see your wedding invitation. Therefore, keep it as a point to select a beautiful and unique wedding invitation and don’t forget to include all necessary details of the wedding in your writing.

How to find unique wedding invitations

If you struggle with selecting a beautiful design for your wedding invitation; before anything, consider theme of the wedding, color and the style. Once you have a theme for your wedding, it is much easier to select an invitation which goes well with the wedding theme.
However finding a unique design is not an easy task. You need to spend more time by checking different designs to select the perfect and elegant wedding invitation for your special day.

On the other way, a wedding invitation is not just a paper which conveys the important information about the wedding. Instead it also acts as a souvenir of your wedding for most of your guests. Therefore try to choose a design which others feel like keeping it with them as a souvenir of your wedding. If your wedding invitation has a unique style, sure it will be a keepsake.

If you are struggling to decide on a beautiful and unique wedding invitation, I would like to suggest you to select handmade wedding invitation, which you can convey your message in an elegant way.

To find unique handmade wedding invitations with beautiful designs, check Pergamonde. They offer unique designs for their handmade wedding invitations which you will be able to send your invitations with confidence. You can assure your first hint about your wedding is unique and elegant!

Handmade wedding invitations

Why Pergamonde?

Now, in this post I recommend Pergamonde as a place to buy unique wedding invitations which are handmade. But, if you think why I recommend this service, here are some things to consider.

  • They use handmade paper for their wedding invitations. You may already know, handmade paper is a great way to convey a message with a natural touch.
  • With their handmade wedding invitations, you can easily feature the unique crafts while respecting the traditions.
  • Being their main product is handmade paper; the wedding invitations are created with handmade papers which are produced manually using recycled paper.They also use old technologies to create these handmade papers. This is something unique and you can assure that each piece is carefully created with the touch of designers.
  • Finally, you can send unique and classic wedding invitations and make your guests to talk about your wedding. I know this is what you want after all.

Check below youtube video and see beautiful  handmade wedding invitations by Pergamonde.If you like Vintage Wedding Invitation,I am sure you’ll like these designs too.

After all, it is your special day. Therefore with careful planning, try to make your wedding day , a memorable one which your guests talk for years.Try to select unique handmade wedding invitations for your wedding and create unforgettable memories.

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