Wedding Lighting in South Africa : Tips to keep in mind

Wedding lighting as part of wedding décor is increasingly popular in South Africa for many weddings. As part of decorating wedding marquees, most wedding planners prefer to use lighting effects as this is one of the easiest options available.

If you look for wedding lighting and wedding décor in South Africa, here are some tips to keep in mind before you decide on any décor idea.

Wedding Lighting in South Africa

Don’t forget to choose your bulb colour!

While white is the most popular choice for wedding lighting, you can choose any colour for your bulbs considering the style you want. For such wedding light décor ideas, if you don’t know which colour to choose then you can even hire wedding lighting & décor locally who has experience in covering South Africa weddings!

It is necessary to Measure your marquee or indoor area

Wedding marquees are becoming popular for many indoor weddings. If you want to decorate and light your wedding marquee or any indoor area, you should know the area of coverage. However don’t forget the trees and other structures in the wedding location that you want to decorate. You can always get the help of lighting experts for such measurements if you don’t have any idea.

Wedding Lighting in South Africa

Don’t overdo it

When you plan your wedding in South Africa, I know you want to decorate everything perfect. Therefore you may think of having everything in bigger quantities. However if you overdo it, the effect cannot be great. It will spoil the romantic view of the wedding venue. Therefore decorate with lights in moderate keeping eye on sparkling effects.

Wedding Lighting in South Africa

Above are some of the lighting tips that you should know when you plan your South Africa wedding with lighting decors. Always seek help from experts. They have many years of experience, so that they know what works the best!

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